Shining3D AutoScan Inspec

Shining3D AutoScan Inspec innovatively integrates high accuracy 3D scanning and 3D inspection. It is a fully automatic desktop 3D inspection scanner which features intuitive user interface and AI intelligent scanning algorithm. 
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Shining3D AutoScan Inspec

Shining3D AutoScan Inspec integrates high accuracy 3D scanning and 3D inspection effortlessly. Optimised for scanning small, complex parts. The Shining3D AutoScan Inspec achieves metrology-grade accuracy and fine detail easily and is ideal for many applications.


Key Features

Achieve finely detailed 3D scans with the 5 MP ultra high resolution dual-camera

Modular design comprised of the scanner head, turntable, circuit and scanner frame

Metrology-grade accuracy for inspection within 10μm scan accuracy

Three axis turntable for multi angle scans

Specially created Ultrascan software by Shining3D featuring a user-friendly interface and easy operation controls

Easily export 3D data to CAD/CAM systems such as Geomagic Control X, Design X, Zbrush, Polyworks and more




Example Applications

Non-contact measurements- Scan in your object and use CAD/CAM software to achieve accurate measurements 

Reverse engineering- Scan the part and create a new CAD file for it allowing you to re-design and manufacture easily

Product design- Use the 3D scans to analyse your designs, create technical data sheets and tooling paths for other methods of manufacture

Quality control and inspection- Use the 3D scans to check part accuracy, technical data and run simulation analysis

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