One of the largest fields of innovation in Additive Manufacturing is in the printing materials sector. Improvements in mechanical, thermal and chemical properties mean that the range of available materials - and the opportunities that they offer - is greater than ever.

Explore our constantly growing range of filaments, resins, SLS/SLM powders and ceramics or contact our advisors to help you find the ideal material for your printer and application.

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Loctite 3D | PRO410 High Accuracy


Perfect for LCD Machines.

A fast printing, rigid photopolymer with ultra high resolution printing. The PRO410 is formulated to produce excellent surface finish with precise print accuracy. 

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LOCTITE 3D | IND402 A70 High Rebound


This high elongation elastomeric photopolymer has great resilience to compression. It is the ideal material for midsole and soft applications. The material is available in black.

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LOCTITE 3D | IND406 HDT100 High Elongation


The LOCTITE 3D IND406 resin is a tough, rigid resin for the production of tools on the productions floor, industrial applications and more. The material is available in black or clear and comes in a selection of different sizes.

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LOCTITE 3D | 3955 HDT280 FST


The LOCTITE 3D 3955 HDT280 FST is a halogen free, high performance flame retardant 3D printing resin with excellent flexural and tensile physical properties. The material is available in black, in both 1 litre and 5 litre bottles.

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LOCTITE 3D | IND147 HDT230 High Heat


The LOCTITE 3D IND147 HDT230 High Heat is a durable resin, created for the use in tooling and molding applications. This material is very heat resistant. The LOCTITE 3D IND147 HDT230 is available in black.

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LOCTITE 3D | IND403 HDT80 High Modulus


LOCTITE 3D IND403 HDT80 High Modulus is a tough resin for applications in tooling production. The material has great surface finish and can withstand mechanical stresses. It is available in black.

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LOCTITE 3D | IND475 A60 High Rebound


The LOCTITE 3D IND475 A60 High Rebound is suitable for applications where resilience and tear resistance is required for example lattice structures and functional prototyping. Available in Black or White. The material properties and the ease of printing make the LOCTITE 3D IND475 A60 High Rebound a superior choice for elastomeric applications.

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Loctite 3D MED412 HDT40 High Impact


Available in either Ultra Clear or White. The Loctite MED412 medical resin is a strong, durable material with excellent elongation, impact strength and surface finish. Ideal for single use medical devices.

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Loctite 3D MED413 HDT60 Tough


Loctite MED413 is a medical grade resin with excellent flexural and tensile properties. Ideal for a wide range of impact resistant medical devices such as hearing aids. Fully sterilisable and biocompatible

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LOCTITE 3D | Cleaner C 18L


The LOCTITE 3D Cleaner C is a cleaning solution that is a part of the 3D printing post-processing routine used for post processing SLA/DLP parts. This is a greener post processing solution compared to IPA, the Loctite 3D Cleaner C is non-flammable at ambient temperature and is ideal for cleaning parts with incredibly small details. Cleaner C dissolves more than 15% of excess resin compared to IPA that only dissolves less that 10%.

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Sinterit PA11 Carbon Fibre


Sinterit PA11 carbon fibre boasts an excellent strength to weight ratio and is incredibly strong and resistant to impacts and chemicals. Optimised to use with Sinterits range of SLS machines. 

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Sinterit Flexa Soft Powder - 2kg


Sinterit\'s Flexa Soft Powder is the softest Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer (TPU) in the Sinterit range. Its exceptional softness can be used in fields such as design and medicine. The Sinterit Flexa soft powder provides excellent surface finish and highly detailed parts with adjustable hardness. It\'s 100% reusable.

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Sinterit PA11 Onyx FRESH Powder 2kg

PA11 Onyx Powder is a high-strength Nylon material with superior thermal resistance and durability through light, UV, and weather. Produce robust parts with impact-proof elements like enclosures, hinges and more with confidence in this Polyamide powder.


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Sinterit TPE Sealer - 1L


This Sinterit TPE Sealer is a liquid pre-vulcanized rubber sealant substance for TPE powder. Dip Raw SLS TPE prints into the sealer to close pores and make all prints resistant against fluids or high pressure.

Key Properties:

  • Density: 0.98 g/cm3
  • pH: 9-11 
  • Weight: 1 [kg]
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