• Artec Space Spider 3D Scanner
    • Artec Space Spider 3D Scanner
    • Artec Space Spider 3D Scanner
    • Artec Space Spider 3D Scanner
    • Artec Space Spider 3D Scanner
    • Artec Space Spider 3D Scanner
    • Artec Space Spider 3D Scanner

    Artec Space Spider

    Capture fine details with high accuracy and precision with Artec Space Spider 3D scanner. Unrivalled in it's scanning quality, it is proven to scan quickly and efficiently, while maintaining incredibly high resolution.

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    iMakr Verdict
    The Artec Space Spider is an industrial 3D scanner designed for scanning small objects with high accuracy. This makes it useful for product design, quality control and reverse engineering applications. The temperature stabilisation and industrial grade electronics provide long term repeatability. It is fully portable and lightweight, with USB connectivity making it compatible with tablets and laptops, and an optional battery pack for full mobility.

    Why the Artec Space Spider ?
    Artec Space Spider 3D Scanner Portable

    Use the Artec Space Spider to scan small areas, capturing intricate detail with great precision

    Space Spider CGI

    CGI: Digitally capture a person or object to create a 3D CG model for use in visual effects

    Artec Studio 14 Software

    Utilise professional level Software for 3D scanning and processing

    Artec Space Spider 3D Scanner

    Enjoy fantastic adaptability and overcome the most challenging environments

    Key Features

    Artec Spider Speed
    Capturing 1 million data points a second the Artec Space Spider is capable of scanning small objects with high detail quickly.
    Artec Spider Accuracy
    Enhanced Accuracy System
    Scan points up to 100 microns apart with an accuracy of up to 50 microns to capture intricate details and fine features.
    Artec Spider Portability
    With only two cables and weighing only 850g, the Space Spider is lightweight and can be moved around freely. The optional battery pack offers full portability.
    Artec Spider Versatility
    Strength in Versatility
    Due to it's small size and compact design, the Space Spider can be used for all different kinds of objects, specialising in those on the smaller side.


    Artec Spider Speed
    Reverse Engineering
    Artec Spider Speed
    Artec Spider Accuracy
    Artec Spider Portability
    Teaching and Training
    Artec Spider Versatility

    "Down from 20 hours to just 1 Hour".

    Bachmann Forming AG, Switzerland
    Artec Space Spider drastically reduces processing time for Swiss Chocolate Bunny packaging, boasting it's great efficiency and positive economic impact.

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    Data sheet

    0.85 kg
    Scan size
    90 x 70 mm (Closest)180 x 140 mm (Furthest)
    Scanning Technology
    Structured light
    Scanning time
    7.5 frames per second, 1 million points per second
    Light Source
    Blue LED
    190 x 140 x 130 mm
    File Output Format
    Scan Resolution
    Up to 100 microns
    Scan Accuracy
    Up to 50 microns
    Scanning Software
    Artec Studio
    Power Supply
    12v, 24w
    Working Distance
    0.2 - 0.3 m
    Texture Resolution
    1.3 mp
    Warm up Time
    3 mins
    Software Compatibility
    Windows 7, 8 or 10 - x64, i5 or i7, min 18gb ram, graphics card