Artec Micro Desktop 3D Scanner
    • Artec Micro Desktop 3D Scanner

    Artec Micro

    Achieve metrology-grade 3D scans with the Artec Micro. High accuracy desktop 3D scanner, designed for optimal performance in quality control and reverse engineering. 

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    The Artec Micro is an ideal scanner for applications that require extreme precision. Achieving an accuracy of 0.01mm and a point resolution of less than 29um, the Artec Micro captures ultra-fine details required in quality control and reverse engineering. 

    micro in use

    Cutting Edge Precision 

    The Artec Micro features two twin cameras and blue LED lights, synchronised with the Micro's dual-axis rotation system, for the most accurate 3D scan of your objects, achieving high-precision scanning with up to 10 microns of accuracy

    Smart Scanning

    Artec's Smart scanning mode allows for faster 3D scanning with optimal scan results. Smart Scan mode allows the Micro to scan every surface of the object capturing the ideal number of frames for an accurate scan, reducing the files size so that scans ready to go in a matter of minutes.

    Diverse 3D scanning applications

    Possibilities are endless with the Artec Micro.  Designed to capture the finest details of small objects, the Artec Micro can be used within a wide variety of applications

    Quality Inspection


    Reverse Engineering

    reverse engineering



    Recommended PC Requirements


    Intel Core i7 or i9


    64+ GB RAM


    NVIDIA GPU with at least 3 GB VRAM, CUDA 3.5+

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