High Resolution Resins

High Resolution Resins

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BlueCast Clear D+

100,00 €

BlueCast Clear D+ has exceptional dimension accuracy and allows you to achieve a smooth surface with excellent hardness.

BlueCast S+

100,00 €

BlueCast S+ is specially designed for use with the Uniz Slash+ printer, it is the only compatible resin to use for jewellery applications with the Slash+ printer. 

BlueCast Original Formlabs

100,00 €

BlueCast Original Formlabs has been optimised to work perfectly with Formlabs machines. High levels of detail and consistency can be easily achieved with the BlueCast Original Formlabs.

DWS Therma 289 Nanokeramik Resin Patrone

107,50 €
DWS Therma 289 Resin 2er Patronenset für den XFAB 3D Drucker. Therma 289 ist ein hellgrünes Nanokeramik Resin, mit hoher Hitzebeständigkeit. Dieses Resin ist besonders gut geiegnet für die Herstellung von Modellen mit hoher Auflösung für vulkanisierte Gummiformen.

B9Creations - Gray Micro Precision Resin

283,33 €

Capable of capturing 100um features, Biores Micro Precision provides you with highly elaborate microscope parts in addition to thin walls and equally small features. Biores Micro Precision resin also guarantees a smooth surface finish and superior readability and biocompatibility.