Resins by Type

Resins by Type

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B9Creations BioRes - Red

283,33 €

Durable, impact resistant and ISO 10993 compliant for prolonged skin contact for up to 30 days, BioRes Red biocompatible 3D printing resin from B9Creations is perfect for medical production and wearable technology applications.

B9Creations BioRes - White

283,33 €

Formulated for medical manufacturing and consumer tech, BioRes White 3D printing resin from B9Creations is ISO 10993 certified for prolonged skin contact, making it a great choice for printing surgical tools, anatomical models, wearable technology and more.

Detax Freeprint Denture

441,83 €

A biocompatible 3D printing resin from Dental resin specialists, Detax. Ideal for dentists and dental laboratories wishing to create high-quality denture bases.

Detax Freeprint Splint 2.0

429,17 €

Detax Freeprint Splint 2.0 is a premium biocompatible Medical Class IIa 3D printing resin. Featuring high strength and hardness, it is perfect for printing dental splints.

DWS DS3000 Biokompatibel Resin Patrone

162,50 €

DWS DS3000 Biokompatibles 2er Resinpatronenset für den XFAB 3D Drucker. DS3000 ist ein transparentes biokompatibles Harz zur Verwendung bei der Herstellung von chirurgischen Führungen und Bohrführungen, bei denen der Kontakt mit dem menschlichen Körper für kurze Zeit besteht.

LOCTITE 3D | IND406 HDT100 High Elongation

230,00 €

The Henkel LOCTITE 3D IND406 resin is a tough, rigid resin for the production of tools on the productions floor, industrial applications and more. The material is available in black or clear and comes in a selection of different sizes.

Keystone KeyModel

145,83 €

KeyModel resin is ideal for a wide variety of dental applications including crown, bridge, implant models, diagnostic modelling and much more. This resin can be carved without chipping and is coloured for easy visibility of margins and tooth anatomy. 

Keystone KeyCast Resin

200,00 €

KeyCast is a highly precise, low shrinkage resin, ideal for investment casting that burns out with no residue. KeyCast is used with chrome, cobalt, gold, and silver.