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DWS DS3000 Biokompatibel Resin Patrone

162,50 €

DWS DS3000 Biokompatibles 2er Resinpatronenset für den XFAB 3D Drucker. DS3000 ist ein transparentes biokompatibles Harz zur Verwendung bei der Herstellung von chirurgischen Führungen und Bohrführungen, bei denen der Kontakt mit dem menschlichen Körper für kurze Zeit besteht.

Phrozen Onyx Rigid PRO410

107,50 €

Partnering with Henkel Loctite, Phrozen presents The Onyx Rigid Pro410, producing strong models while enabling makers to produce models with fine details.

BlueCast Original Formlabs

100,00 €

BlueCast Original Formlabs has been optimised to work perfectly with Formlabs machines. High levels of detail and consistency can be easily achieved with the BlueCast Original Formlabs.

Phrozen ABS-Like Resin

54,17 €

Phrozen ABS-like Resins create high-resolution, sturdy 3D printed parts that are best for general modelling and industrial applications. With its light color, it is also exceptionally suitable for painting models such as 3D printed figures after the curing process.

BlueCast S+

100,00 €

BlueCast S+ is specially designed for use with the Uniz Slash+ printer, it is the only compatible resin to use for jewellery applications with the Slash+ printer. 

Phrozen TR300 Ultra-High Temp Resin

62,50 €

Phrozen TR300 Resin comes with extremely high thermal resistance, high mechanical strength, and with a certain toughness, making it ideal for high-temperature applications such as dental thermoforming, industrial mock-ups, and creating 3D printed jewelry.