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Delta WASP 2040 I Clay Extruder 2.0

3.140,83 €

Delta WASP 2040 is now available with the Clay Extruder. It also comes with its UNIQUE resurrection system, which allows users to resume the print from where it stopped after a power cut/switch off.

The Clay extruder is a clay fluid-dense material extruder kit. 2,5 kg syringe, includes clay and fluid-dense materials.
Price includes shipping cost.

iMakr offers a 1 year warranty on the the Delta WASP 2040 with Clay Extruder.

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Peopoly Phenom Prime Build Plate

90,83 €

The advanced build plate designed for the Peopoly Prime is the ideal accessory for those wanting quick turn around time in between prints.

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Peopoly Phenom Prime Metal Vat

116,67 €
Manufactured in high quality aluminium, the FEP Vat for Phenom Prime features anti leak gasket design and an easy to replace film mechanism so no special tools are needed. 
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Peopoly Phenom Prime FEP Film

29,17 €

The FEP film from Phenom Prime has undergone rigorous testing with SLA printing. Use with the Phenom FEP Vat to reduce peel force.

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Peopoly Prime Upgrade Kit + Parallel LED Light Engine for Phenom Original

725,00 €

Achieve greater detail, faster printing and improved reliability by upgrading your Peopoly Phenom to a Phenom Prime with this easy to install OEM upgrade kit.

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DWS XFAB Resin Tank RX195

91,67 €

Resin Tank für DWS XFAB 3D Drucker. Dieser Artikel ist ein direkter Ersatz für den RX 185 Harztank.

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