3DXTech CarbonX CF PEKK-A 1.75mm 500g

    CarbonX CF PEKK-A by 3DXTech is a carbon fibre-filled material that has properties comparable to PEEK, but is significantly easier to print. A great PEEK alternative which is ideal for industries such Automotive, Aerospace and Gas + Oil.

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    CarbonX PEKK-A by 3DXTech utilises one of the highest performance polymers available today (PolyEtherKetoneKetone) and combines it with premium chopped carbon fibre to create a filament with mechanical, thermal, and chemical resistance comparable to PEEK, but significantly easier to print. Indeed after annealing, CF PEKK-A has been shown to out-perform PEEK in many areas, making it a more reliable alternative.

    Key Features:

    • Made with 60/40 PEKK copolymer
    • Easier to print than PEEK
    • Good chemical resistance, including alcohols, automotive fluids and aqueous solutions
    • Low smoke generation - ideal for aerospace applications
    • Outstanding mechanical, thermal, and chemical resistance

    Guideline Print Settings

    Nozzle TemperatureBuild Plate TemperatureHeated Build ChamberBed Adhesion
    345-375°C120-140°CUp to 140°CPEI tape or gluestick applied to glass

    Additional Tips For 3D Printing CF PEKK-A

    • Due to abrasive fibres present in this filament, it is strongly recommended to use hardened nozzles with a minimum diameter of 0.4mm when printing, to reduce wear.
    • Ideal layer height is 60% of nozzle diameter - Minimum layer height of 0.25mm