PEKK (PolyEtherKetoneKetone) is an engineering polymer belonging to the PAEK family. PEKK filament is characterized by its thermal resistance, high dimensional stability and is inherently flame retardant. This material has an extrusion temperature of between 340 and 360°C and requires a heated print bed and a heated build chamber. Industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Gas and Oil.

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3DXTech CarbonX CF PEKK-A 1.75mm 500g

291,67 €

CarbonX CF PEKK-A by 3DXTech is a carbon fibre-filled material that has properties comparable to PEEK, but is significantly easier to print. A great PEEK alternative which is ideal for industries such Automotive, Aerospace and Gas + Oil.

3DXTech FibreX™ PEKK-A 1.75mm 500g

341,67 €

One of the PAEK family of high-performance polymers, FibreX™ PEKK-A by 3DXTech has a lower processing temperature than PEEK which makes it easier to print, and after annealing can display even better mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance properties.