Solvay - Radel PPSU HC 1.75mm

    Solvay's Radel PPSU HC is ISO 10993 certified for biocompatibility and is an excellent choice for Healthcare applications requiring chemical, temperature and impact resistance.

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    Radel PPSU HC from global chemical manufacturer Solvay is a high-performance industrial additive manufacturing polymer which offers excellent chemical resistance, temperature resistance, impact resistance and great translucency. This HC (Health Care) variant has been ISO 10993 certified for limited contact (less than 24 hours contact with bodily fluids and tissue), so it is an outstanding choice for manufacturing medical devices and other applications within the healthcare industry.

    Market applications

    • Radel PPSU can be applied in multiple industries such as healthcare, aircraft and wire insulation, plumbing and food service. An ideal replacement for sterilized metal medical devices such as surgical instruments, implant trials and trays.
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    Why Radel PPSU

    • High HDT of 207C (405F)
    • Impact strength similar to PC
    • Upgraded chemical resistance to PEI
    • Virtually unlimited steam sterilization
    • Excellent long-term hydrolytic stability
    • Transparent and opaque colors
    • Inherently UL-94 V0 flame retardant

    Get the performance you need

      • Radel PPSU is part of Solvay’s sulfone polymers family. It is an amorphous thermoplastic resin that is transparent, has great hydrolytic stability, is resistant to environmental stress cracking as well as being tough, high in strength and possesses thermal stability.

    Heat Resistance

      • Sulfone polymers are known for the high heat deflection (HDT) and outstanding dimensional stability. These polymers are also the only thermoplastics which, when exposed to high temperatures reaching up to 204°C (400°F) for a long term, will stay transparent.

    Hydrolytic Stability

      • Sulfone polymers do not get affected by hydrolysis with Radel PPSU even if the latter can cause significant deterioration to polymers in general.

    Chemical Resistance

    • Sulfone polymers demonstrate a strong chemical resistance to an array of materials such as alcohols, inorganic acids, soaps and detergents, aqueous systems, aliphatic hydrocarbons, and caustics. Sulfone polymers show different measures of chemical resistance which is reliant on their polymeric structure and to the additives used like glass. The chemical resistance can also vary if there are changes to the temperature, reagent, reagent concentration exposure time and amount of stress on said polymer. General indication of chemical resistance | 7-day immersion at 23°C (73°F)

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    Technische Daten

    Filamentdurchmesser (mm)
    Transparent Amber
    Bed Temperature
    Tensile Strength
    at Yield: 62 MPa
    Tensile Elongation
    at Break: 21%
    Product Weight
    0.5 or 1kg
    Material Density
    1.29 g/cm
    place in zip sealed bag with desiccant after use
    Processing Temperature Range
    Drying Conditions
    150°C for at least 4 hours
    Notched Izod Impact
    482 J/m