B9Creations schwarzes (Black) Harz

    A high-strength, fast-curing resin for durable models, vulcanized mold-making, or casting in hard investments. Slice thick for quick results or thin for fine details.

    183,33 €

    iMakr Verdict :
    B9Creations Black is a high-strength, fast-curing resin which has been developed for printing models with small features and fine details. An extremely durable resin, it is perfect for vulcanized, RTV and silicone molds.

    Key Features :
    • Pigmented for 70 - 120 micron layer thickness.
    • May be primed and painted.
    • Printed parts may be used to create vulcanized rubber or RTV molds.

    A part printed with B9Creations Black resin

    Compatibility :

    B9Creations Black is compatible with the B9Creator 1.2, B9 Core and Med Series printers, as well as third-party machines.

    B9Creator v1.2B9 Core 530B9 Core 550B9 Med 500
    Min. Slice Thickness30µm20µm30µm50µm
    Max. Slice Thickness200µm90µm120µm50µm

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    Technische Daten

    1kg (2.2lbs)

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