DSM Novamid ID1030 (PA6/66) 2.85mm 1kg

    High quality pure PA6/66 from global plastics supplier, DSM. A great multi-purpose filament for applications where durability and good mechanical properties are required.

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    This open source filament material is a pure polyamide 6/ 66, and was originally developed many years ago by DSM's Engineering Plastics experts for demanding specialty applications often subjected to harsh environment and high temperatures (up to 125°C).

    Optimized to 3D-print easily, Novamid® ID 1030 filaments bring a unique combination of properties, including outstanding stiffness and ductility, across a range of applications - from transportation, to sports and electronics. Their optimized crystallization profile improves fusion, enabling parts with excellent interlayer strength and high surface quality.

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