Solvay - KetaSpire PEEK HC 1.75mm

    Solvay's new high-performance KetaSpire PEEK HC is specially designed and certified for use in the Healthcare industry. Outstanding thermal properties and chemical resistance for a wide range of healthcare manufacturing applications.

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    KetaSpire PEEK filament provides a blend of chemical and fatigue resistance. This particular filament’s chemical attributes match PSS’s chemical resistance features but it can also function at higher temper temperatures whilst keeping its mechanicals attributes performing at continuous high temperatures, reaching 240 °C (464 °F). These features allow KetaSpire PEEK to replace metal in severe end-use environments. Additionally, the carbon-fiber-reinforced and glass fiber-reinforced grades and the specialty grades gives the user an array set of performance options..

    Market applications

    • Ketaspire PEEK is engineered whilst conforming to the highest industry standards and is differentiated due to its unique set of features such as great wear resistance, optimal fatigue resistance, ease of melt processing, high purity and great chemical resistance to acids, bases and organics. These features make KetaSpire PEEK an ideal tool for semicon, healthcare, automotive, additive manufacturing, oil & gas and aerospace.
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    Why KetaSpire PEEK

    • Optimal chemical resistance to organics, acids and bases
    • Great wear and abrasion resistance
    • Excellent fatigue resistance
    • Great dimensional stability
    • Superior resistance to hydrolysis in boiling water and superheated steam
    • Optimal dielectric with low loss at high temperatures and frequencies
    • Ease of processing
    • High purity



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