iMakr's Verdict on the CEL Robox

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You are probably wondering what is iMakr’s verdict? To answer this question, our engineering teams are testing every single 3D printer we sell, based on their performance in different situations.

You are probably wondering what iMakr’s verdict is on specific 3D printers and how we arrive at these conclusions. Our engineering team rigorously tests every 3D printer we sell by analyzing them on their performance in a variety of different situations. This means that if you find a specific model on our website, it passed our set of expert tests!

iMakr’s overall verdict is that the CEL Robox is a great machine. We began to see this even before all tests were completed!  Here are the main features we think will interest you and the reasons why we recommend this printer.

Fast and easy
When first using the CEL Robox you will notice how quick and straight-forward the start and setup are. There is no bed preparation or hardware setup necessary. This model has built-in auto-calibration (extra calibration options are available via the software) and this further decreases production time.

High quality printing
The default settings allow a very good quality print, which passed most of our printing tests with flying colors. To give you an idea, amongst the ten print tests (testing precision and performance), the CEL Robox got the maximum grade seven times.

Compact and safe
This printer is smaller and lighter than many other printers in its class so it is easy to transport. Bonus for parents: it is child-safe thanks to its auto-locking door when printing!  

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