iMakr's Verdict on the Hyvision Cubicon Single

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You are probably wondering what is iMakr’s verdict? To answer this question, our engineering teams are testing every single 3D printer we sell, based on their performance in different situations.

You are probably wondering what iMakr’s verdict is on specific 3D printers and how we arrive at these conclusions. Our engineering team rigorously tests every 3D printer we sell by analyzing them on their performance in a variety of different situations. This means that if you find a specific model on our website, it passed our set of expert tests!

iMakr’s opinion about the HyVision Cubicon Single is really positive. The printer reacted well to our tests. Our engineers concluded that it is a good model for professionals such as designers or architects. Here are the main features we think will interest you and the reasons why we recommend this printer.

“Autonomous” machine
The hardware set-up required for the Cubicon is minimal, and we especially appreciated the machine’s auto-levelling which speeds up the printing process.

“Start ’n’ Print”
Another feature our team appreciated is that there is no build plate preparation required due to a resin coating in the printer (you can say goodbye to masking/Kapton tape or glue). This gives great print adhesion when heated and an easy print removal when cool. 

High quality printing
The default quick print settings give good printing quality and the prints successfully passed all our tests. The best result was on the bridging test which consists of linking a point A to B without any support and thus saving time and material -- very good news! Finally, you can access advanced settings and play around with your machine. iMakr assures you that in any situation, you can rely on this printer.

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