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You are probably wondering what is iMakr’s verdict? To answer this question, our engineering teams are testing every single 3D printer we sell, based on their performance in different situations.

You are probably wondering what iMakr’s verdict is on specific 3D printers and how we arrive at these conclusions. Our engineering team rigorously tests every 3D printer we sell by analyzing them on their performance in a variety of different situations. This means that if you find a specific model on our website, it passed our set of expert tests!

Our final conclusion about the Pegasus 3D printer is that you can rely on the machine for any need, including professional applications. Here are the main features we think will interest you and the reasons why we recommend this printer.

You’ll never be alone again
This is the best model available in terms of documentation on set-up, maintenance and troubleshooting. The Pegasus community is very active through a forum on google, where people discuss and share their experiences. Furthermore, the company's support team is constantly updating the community via the forum and helping its users resolve their issues. Since access to the advanced settings is easy, you can fearlessly explore the possibilities of the Pegasus.

High precision and fast printing
The Pegasus standard print settings are optimised for quick use and we found a very good quality of production with tiny details highlighted at higher resolution (three standard profiles for 100, 50 and 25 microns are available). Furthermore, the Super-VAT technology makes the prints quicker and reduces the need for maintenance such as replacing the PDMS.

On-board accessibility options
Some extras are available on this printer such as the on-board software and easy to use touch screen. The printer is also accessible via USB Pen-drive, WiFi, Ethernet and USB cable.

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