iMakr's Verdict on the UP mini 2

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You are probably wondering what is iMakr’s verdict? To answer this question, our engineering teams are testing every single 3D printer we sell, based on their performance in different situations.

You are probably wondering what iMakr’s verdict is on specific 3D printers and how we arrive at these conclusions. Our engineering team rigorously tests every 3D printer we sell by analyzing them on their performance in a variety of different situations. This means that if you find a specific model on our website, it passed our set of expert tests!

During testing the UP! Mini 2 performed quite well but we feel that it will mostly suit beginner printers and educational applications. Here are the main features we think will interest you and the reasons why we recommend this printer.

Easy peasy 
No need to be an expert to be an UP! Mini 2 user. Thanks to its  LCD touch screen interface, improved software and, above all, the quality of its default settings, it is easy to use.

High precision printing
This printer definitely surprised our specialists with the high quality of its prints during tests. For example, the UP! Mini 2 got the maximum grade when tested for tolerances (the precision of the machine).

High spec
We love extras at iMakr. This particular printer comes with Wifi connectivity, USB connection and a good assortment of other accessories which allow for easy maintenance.

The UP! Mini 2 is equipped with an enclosed build chamber and HEPA air filtration for safe everyday use.

If you have any further question, please feel free to contact our teams at or just leave a reply below! 


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