iMakr offers a range of industry standard software solutions covering 3D design, print preparation and 3D scan processing.

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EXOCAD Software

EXOCAD ist die führende Dental-CAD-Software der OEM-Marke von Shinning 3D. Mit dieser Software können Sie viele Indikationen abdecken. Sie ist die Lösung für erfahrene Anwender im DentalCAD-Bereich und auch eine gute Wahl für Anfänger.

Geomagic Wrap

Geomagic Wrap software is easy to use, affordable, fast and accurate. It allows you to visualise and transform point clouds to probe data and imported 3D formats (STL, OBJ, etc.) into 3D polygon meshes that can be used instantly in downstream Reverse Engineering, Manufacturing, Engineering, Art, Industrial Design etc. From expanded file format support to manipulating texture maps, bring your printed parts to life.

Includes First Year Maintenance.

Geomagic Design X

Geomagic Design X is the industry\'s most comprehensive reverse engineering software. Scan prototypes, existing parts, and tooling to create accurate digital 3D models and high-quality physical object assemblies in a fraction of the time.

Mit 1 Jahr Wartung

Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS

Geomagic® for SOLIDWORKS® is a complete Scan-to-SOLIDWORKS CAD software. It supports a range of popular 3D scanners and gives advanced capabilities to make tools point clouds and 3D polygons, more usable in your design process. Reduce the time required to build complex 3D models or solid parts, by directly scanning or importing scan data into Solidworks.

Mit 1 Jahr Wartung.