3D Scanner

3D scanning is revolutionising applications as varied as Dentistry, Reverse Engineering, Architecture and Forensics due to its speed and ease of use. Tasks which previously took days to perform are now being completed in a matter of minutes, saving a huge amount of time and cost.

iMakr offers a range of 3D scanners which will suit almost any industry or environment, and object sizes from intricate jewellery to huge buildings.

Find the ideal 3D scanner for your application here, or speak with an iMakr advisor to find out how 3D scanning can benefit your business.

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3D Scanner

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B9Creations | B9 Scan 350

11.008,33 €

The B9 Scan 350 from B9Creations has been specifically designed for scanning jewellery and small objects. Intuitive to use, details and intricate designs can be precisely captured within minutes.

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Artec Space Spider

Nehmen Sie mit dem Artec Space Spider feine Details mit hoher Genauigkeit und Präzision auf. Er ist in seiner Scanqualität konkurrenzlos und hat bewiesen, dass er schnell und effizient scannt und dabei eine unglaublich hohe Auflösung beibehält.

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