Industrial Resins

Industrial Resins

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BlueCast X10 SLA/DLP

120,83 €

BlueCast X10 is ideal for direct investment casting of jewellery and dental moulds. Developed to achieve perfect castings using wax equipment as well as gypsum bonded investments.

EnvisionTEC | RC Series

Die EnvisionTEC RC-Serie ist eine Reihe von hochzuverlässigen Materialien mit individuellen Rezepturen, die für die besonderen Bedürfnisse der Benutzer entwickelt wurden. Das Material ist robust und bietet eine hohe Druckauflösung.

B9Creations Black Robust

237,50 €

Print 3D tooling moulds on demand! The resin can be used to replace traditional injection moulds and metal moulds with 3D Printed ones, allowing for greater freedom in geometry. Black Robust is ideal for end-use parts and prototypes.

Phrozen ABS-Like Resin

54,17 €

Phrozen ABS-like Resins create high-resolution, sturdy 3D printed parts that are best for general modelling and industrial applications. With its light color, it is also exceptionally suitable for painting models such as 3D printed figures after the curing process.

Phrozen TR300 Ultra-High Temp Resin

62,50 €

Phrozen TR300 Resin comes with extremely high thermal resistance, high mechanical strength, and with a certain toughness, making it ideal for high-temperature applications such as dental thermoforming, industrial mock-ups, and creating 3D printed jewelry.