Peopoly Nylon-Like Tough Resin

The Peopoly Nylon-like Tough resin features great balance between hardness and impact resistance, making this an ideal choice for making strong but flexible functional parts

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The Peopoly Nylon-like tough resin features great flexibility, hardness and impact resistance, ideal for creating strong, yet flexible functional parts. Achieve a smooth surface finish with incredible resolution with good fluidity for quick printing and curing.

Mechanical Properties

Shore D 82

Tensile Strength 62Mpa

Young’s Modulus 2050Mpa

Elongation At Break: 44%

Heat Deflection Temperature: 70C

Shrinkage 1%

Viscosity 780 CPS

peopoly nylon

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Technische Daten

Tensile Strength
Shore D hardness
82 Shore D
780 CPS
Young’s Modulus (MPa)
Elongation at Break (%)

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