Phrozen Aqua 8K Resin

The Phrozen Aqua 8K resin is designed to showcase 3D models in ultra high resolution

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With its special formula, the Phrozen Aqua 8K resin creates high-quality & extremely intricate 3D models with 8K resolution

Phrozen Aqua Resins are developed for low shrinkage and high precision printing. Their low warpage & dimensional stability are especially good for precise parts.
Phrozen Aqua Resins are easy to print and are easily post-processed due to their low viscosity.
Printed parts are tough and resilient. Phrozen Resins make them a perfect match not only for painted models but also for industrial applications.

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Technische Daten

Tensile Modulus
2256 MPa
Shore D hardness
85 Shore D
280-380 cps
Elongation at Break (%)