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With 3D printing, product designers are freed from the limitations of traditional manufacturing costs and techniques.  Prototyping new designs without the need for expensive moulding or creating bespoke, unique designs that can't be produced using other means is made practical and affordable using 3D printing.  Designers are invited to browse our selection of printers, spare parts and filament and let your imaginations soar!

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  • £ 3,799

    The Miicraft+ is a SLA-based DLP pico 3D printer designed for professionals and industrials. Very easy to use, the Miicraft+ has also one of the best printing quality of the market. Furthermore it comes with a curing department which allow you to operate a complete 3D printing process: printing and post-curing at once. iMakr offers a 1 year warranty on...

    £ 3,799 tax incl.
    tax excl.: £ 3,165.83
    Delivery in 1 week
  • £ 2,999

    Introducing the next generation of affordable, fast, high quality consumer desktop 3D printers featuring Laser based stereolithography technology.iMakr offers a 1 year warranty on the Pegasus Touch.

    £ 2,999 tax incl.
    tax excl.: £ 2,499.16
    Delivery in 2 week
  • £ 1,799

    iMakr is proud to announce the excellent Zortrax M200 fully assembled! Start printing in minutes without complicated preparation and calibration. Just prepare a model and start printing! Zortrax comes with side covers. iMakr offers a 1 year warranty on the Zortrax M200.

    £ 1,799 tax incl.
    tax excl.: £ 1,499.16
    In stock. Dispatch within 48 hours
  • £ 2,599

    DeltaWASP is an awesome machine. It offers great reliability and excellent print quality. The actual print speed is a lot higher than other printers! Voted as The Best Printer of Year 2015 by L.UN.A.iMakr offers a 1 year warranty on the DeltaWasp.

    £ 2,599 tax incl.
    tax excl.: £ 2,165.83
    Shipping in 4 - 6 weeks
  • £ 2,999

    DeltaWASP is now avilable with the Clay Extruder. It also comes with its UNIQUE resurrection system, which allows users to resume the print from where it stopped after a power cut/switch off.The Clay extruder is a clay fluid-dense material extruder kit. 2,5 kg syringe, includes clay and fluid-dense materials.iMakr offers a 1 year warranty on the...

    £ 2,999 tax incl.
    tax excl.: £ 2,499.16
    Delivery in 2-3 weeks
  • £ 3,399

    DeltaWASP Turbo offers great reliability and excellent print quality, at an amazing speed! Amazing print speeds of up to 600 mm/s to jump from the idea to the object!iMakr offers a 1 year warranty on the DeltaWASP 20 40 Turbo.

    £ 3,399 tax incl.
    tax excl.: £ 2,832.50
    In stock. Shipping same day
  • £ 2,517

    The Raise3D N2 carries some of the best specifications in the market. It is one of the best printers for high resolution and printing accuracy. Its printing temperature can reach 300°C for printing a wide range of filament. Also comes with a 7'' touch-screen, remote control function, resume printing function after power interruption. 2 spools of...

    £ 2,517 tax incl.
    tax excl.: £ 2,097.50
    Stock available from 27th of January
  • £ 1,234

    Cubicon Style is a light weight and compact size 3D Desktop Printer designed to suit all environments, allowing the user to print anywhere with style.iMakr offers a 1 year warranty on the Cubicon Style.

    £ 1,234 tax incl.
    tax excl.: £ 1,028.33
    In stock, shipping same day or collect in store
  • £ 15,000

    DeltaWASP 60 100 is a fast, accurate and reliable 3D printer, capable to print on all materials up to 100 cm in height.This is a professional 3D printer, highly precise for extra large prints and ideal for companies which need rapid prototyping and product development.iMakr offers a 1 year warranty on the DeltaWASP 60 100.*Price does not include...

    £ 15,000 tax incl.
    tax excl.: £ 12,500.00
    Delivery in 6-8 weeks
  • £ 6,198.99

    The DeltaWASP 40 70 is an ideal 3d printer for product designers, prop makers or engineers interested in fast prototyping of large products. The printers 40 x 40 x 70cm build plate offers amazing value for volume.  Please email sales@imakr.com for shipping quote. iMakr offers a 1 year warranty on the DeltaWASP 40 70.

    £ 6,198.99 tax incl.
    tax excl.: £ 5,165.83
    Delivery in 4-5 weeks
  • £ 11,000

    The MiiCraft 125 is the new SLA-based DLP 3D printer of the range. Ideally suited for prototyping, this machine is capable to achieve high printing results for personal as well as professional 3D printing purposes. Indeed, thanks to an easy access to advanced settings, you would be able to set the printer for various applications.  iMakr offers a...

    £ 11,000 tax incl.
    tax excl.: £ 9,166.66
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  • £ 0

    The Delta WASP 3MT is a step-up in high innovation 3D printing. Its multi-tool capabilities allow new access to personal large fabrication. These interchangeable tool heads include the possibility to print ceramic mixes,concretes, geopolymers and allows for the production of CNC milled parts. FREE installation and training is provided with every 3MT...

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