Sinterit Powder Handling Set

The Powder Handling Set includes everything you need to work comfortably and efficiently whilst also keeping your work area clean. Designed to help you recover and recycle the maximum amount of powder possible. The Powder Handling Set includes: Powder Handling Station, ATEX Vacuum cleaner and a Powder separator and container.

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Sinterit Powder Handling Set

The Powder Handling set features everything you need to: post-process, precisely de-powder parts, set up a sandblaster, clean your work area and refresh your powder ready for printing. The set includes: Powder Handling Station, ATEX Vacuum cleaner and a Powder separator and container.

Powder Handling Station

Specially designed to support and ease your post-processing and make powder recovery as simple and effective as possible.

Key Features

Two de-powdering areas with different size sieves to allow for precise de-powdering

In-built powder separator

Special vacuum attachments designed for de-powdering your 3D printed parts

Ample storage space with built in LED lighting

Sandblaster shelf

Emergency stop button

Compatible with the standard Sinterit Powder Container




ATEX Vacuum Cleaner

Efficiently collect and clean your unsintered powder with the ATEX Vacuum. Featuring the cyclone powder separator to help speed up and ease your workflow. The ATEX Vacuum cleaner has been optimised with compact dimensions and an impressive 40 L capacity.

Key Features

Get ready to print in less than 10 minutes by using the Sinterit Powder separator with your ATEX Vacuum cleaner to vacuum all the unsintered powder in the container ready for preparation for your next print.

Use the ATEX Vacuum cleaner to collect 100% of your powder from the printer and breakout area.

Absolute HEPA filtration

M Class star filter



Powder Separator & Container

Attach the Sinterit Powder Separator to the ATEX Vacuum when cleaning up any powder to automatically distribute it to the Sinterit Container. The powder from the container can either be poured into the Sinterit Sieve making it ready to use, or stored in the container.

Key Features

Magnetic fastening to hold the powder container lid when swapping out containers, minimising mess

Store in the slide out draw to easily move the powder container in and out of the Powder Handling Station

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Technische Daten

1000 x 700 x 1800 [mm] (39.4 x 27.6 x 70.9 [in])

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